JOSM Scripting Plugin

Run scripts in the Open Street Map editor JOSM

The JOSM Scripting Plugin is a plugin for the Open Street Map editor JOSM.

It can execute scripts

  1. written in ECMAscript using the Graal.JS scripting engine for JavaScript and the API V3 to manipulate JOSMs internal application objects.

  2. written in Groovy, Ruby, or any other language for which a JSR-223 compatible script engine is available.

import josm from 'josm'
import { buildAddCommand } from 'josm/command'
import { NodeBuilder } from 'josm/builder'
const layer = josm.layers.addDataLayer('Obstberg')
const restaurant = NodeBuilder
  .withTags({amenity: 'restaurant'})
josm.alert('Added restaurant Obstberg')